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Clarity Research offers a wide range of research services. Specializing in product design and development research, we are dedicated to delivering actionable insights that ultimately lead to better products for consumers and increased revenue for our clients. 


Clarity Research conducts studies large and small in utilizing many methods.


  • Product Clinics

  • Online Surveys

  • Event Surveys

  • Mail Surveys


  • Focus Groups

    • Traditional​

    • Online

  • IDI & Triad

  • Ethnography



Clarity Research provides a vast array of traditional and complex analytical capabilities. All of which are handled IN-HOUSE by senior level staff.



Clarity Research is a full service marketing research company specializing in survey research studies with consumers. We strive to deliver high value, actionable insights to our clients. 


Clarity is prepared to handle complex study designs, difficult sampling schemes, and advance analyses. In addition to traditional methodologies like internet, mail and phone surveys, we are experts in face-to-face research. Product clinics, drive clinics, classroom-style studies, intercept studies, auto shows, conventions and more. 


With data collection gone digital, we almost exclusively use hand-held, touch-screen computers for data collection in our face-to-face studies. This allows us the ability to integrate graphics, audio and video into our questionnaire designs and deliver live and/or quick turnaround results.

All of our clients receive comprehensive consultation and service from initial study design through reporting and analysis. 

If you are a full service research company seeking assistance with a particular aspect of a study such as CASI or a conjoint component, we are happy and equipped to assist. Our role may be completely in the background or we may play an up-front role, consulting directly with our with your clients.

Senior Staff

Mike Curtis
Founding Partner
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Dave Pagnucco
Founding Partner
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Jon Emmett
Vice President
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Tyler Laird
Vice President
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Doug Scott, PhD
Sr. Consultant
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